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About Us
Solar Outpost is dedicated to providing solar systems including solar panels for sale directly to the end user. We supply Solar Electric, or photovoltaic (PV), solar panels and inverters; Solar Pool Heating systems and equipment; Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Hot Water Heater or Storage Tanks, Solar Hot Water Panels, Control Units, and various parts. 

We understand the consumer who wants to save money and avoid the extra cost of purchasing solar panels for home use from a contractor or installer. DIY solar panels and systems can be accomplished by some homeowners especially when dealing with a Solar Pool Heater or replacing individual panels of your existing solar pool heater. We can provide installation manuals for your new Solar Pool Heater and Solar Hot Water systems. Saving money can also be accomplished when replacing outdated or failing equipment by purchasing a Solar Hot Water Heater (solar storage tank), solar hot water panels, or panels for your existing solar pool heater and have a plumber or handyman install them. 

Whether you are looking for a solar hot water heater, solar hot water panels, a solar pool heater, photovoltaic solar panels for home use or commercial applications you can save money by purchasing solar panels or complete solar systems on your own. If you are looking for solar panels for sale, may it be solar electric (photovoltaic), solar hot water, or solar pool heating look no further, Solar Outpost is your answer. Buy direct and save!

Interesting Solar Stuff

The payback period of a Solar Pool Heater is only 1-2 years, the lowest of solar panels for home use.

Not all Photovoltaic solar panels for sale are created equal. This is why Solar Outpost has solar panels for sale that are USA made.

Solar panels for home use and commercial use, whether its photovoltaic, a solar hot water heater, or a solar pool heater generally use the same solar panels just fewer modules.

If you have a leaking solar hot water heater (tank) you can save money by purchasing a new tank from Solar Outpost and having a handyman or plumber install it for you.

Some Solar Hot Water Heater systems do not have a "tank," instead they have a large capacity hot water panel which stores 20 or 40 gallons of water directly on the roof. Solar Outpost has those solar panels for sale as well.

Solar panels for home and commercial use are increasing in popularity throughout the world, especially with photovoltaic systems. However, of the 3 major categories of solar the only solar panels for home use that do not offer governmental incentives are pool panels. This is because of their overall low cost and short payback period.  - Yes, Solar Outpost has pool solar panels for sale.