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Solar Pool Heating is the most economical form of solar with the quickest payback period. Generally a homeowner's return on investment is between 1 and 2 years, with the remaining life of the panels representing free pool heating. Of the 3 residential solar options, pool heating is by far the easiest decision for any pool owner.

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Sizing Your Solar Pool Heater

Please keep in mind there are a number of factors that effect the efficiency of the panels, such as roof orientation, shading, climate, etc.

If you are in what we would consider an optimal situation: south facing roof without any shading in a warm climate, we consider a "full-sized" system to represent 70% of the surface area of your pool. If you do not have an optimal exposure location for the panels or your pool is deeper than average, consider increasing the number of panels above the 70% mark. You can also increase the number of panels to even further extend your swimming season.

Begin by determining your panel size by identifying the available space on your roof. The panels come in 3 sizes:
4' x 8'   (32 sq ft)
4' x 10' (40 sq ft)
4' x 12' (48 sq ft)
After determining your desired panel size, take the square footage of your pool (length x width) multiply this by 0.7 (70%) and divide that figure by square footage of your desired collector. You end up with the desired number of collectors.

Calculation Example

A home has a pool with the dimensions of 20' x 30' located in a warm climate with a south facing roof which will be able to mount 4' x 12' panels.

20' length x 30' width= 600 square feet of pool surface area
600 sq ft x 0.7 (70%) = 420 square feet of panels needed
420 sq ft ÷ 48 sq ft = 8.75
This system would require 8 panels to be full size.

Purchasing a System

You can purchase a complete system (basic or automatic) or each piece individually.

Our "Basic Complete Systems" include: the solar panels, hardware to connect the panels to each other and the system to PVC pipe, stainless steel strap (10' per panel), a vacuum relief valve, 1 end cap, 2 2" swing check valves, 1 2" ball valve, and 1 3-way valve.

Our "Automatic Complete Systems" include everything in the basic system along with an automatic control unit, motor for the 3-way valve, and 2 temperature sensors.

*These system would include the appropriate hardware for 1 row of panels. If you would like to divide up your panels into multiple rows please indicate the number of rows when you place your order and we will add the appropriate components.

Below are our most popular systems.  Please let us know if you would like pricing on other sized systems.

 # of Panels
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
4' x 12'
8 Basic Complete System
$2,520   $2,990
8 Auto Complete System
 $2,305  $2,775 $3,245
10 Basic Complete System
 $2,130 $2,620
10 Auto Complete System
12 Basic Complete System
12 Auto Complete System
 $2,465  $2,975  $3,485